Pyramid Colorado

Since 2020, we have served as the hub for Pyramid implementation in Colorado. We work on the local, state, and national level to strengthen awareness and support for early childhood social and emotional well-being.



The Colorado Pyramid Plus Center has transitioned to Healthy Child Care Colorado. Through support from the Buell Foundation and a Transition Team of stakeholders, we are continuing to shepherd this transition and plan for the future sustainable programming in this vital component of Colorado’s growing and evolving early childhood mental health system.

Pyramid Colorado supports the social-emotional development and inclusion of all children ages birth through five by promoting and expanding evidence-based Pyramid practices in Colorado.


The Pyramid Model

The Pyramid Model is a collaborative professional development system that fosters and sustains evidenced-based practices to support the social-emotional development and inclusion of children. 

The Pyramid Model builds upon a tiered public health approach to providing universal support to all children to promote wellness, targeted services to those who need more support, and intensive services to those who need them.

Pyramid Colorado Overview

Early childhood professionals across the state can become certified trainers and coaches in the Pyramid Approach, working with child care centers, preschools, and other organizations to embed the model into their work with children, ages birth to 5.

We offer training and professional development to Pyramid trainers and coaches, administer certification, build a community of practice for trainers and coaches, and promote the Pyramid approach statewide.

Desired Results:

  • Statewide, high-fidelity use of the Pyramid Model has increased.
  • Pyramid trainers, coaches, and programs are prepared, supported, and motivated to improve their social and emotional and inclusion policies and practices.
  • Pyramid Colorado’s infrastructure is strong and supportive of communities and programs.
  • Pyramid Colorado is part of a comprehensive preschool through third-grade approach.

Pyramid Leadership Structure

We have convened a State Transition Team and various workgroups to guide, inform, and support the work of Pyramid Colorado. Below you see the leadership structure that includes various elements in the mountain range being built upon the workgroups as the foundation. This is particularly important for 2021-2022 as we transition from the Pyramid Plus Approach to Pyramid Model, refresh the Certification, and ensure alignment with state systems. We will continually focus on promoting alignment with best practices, local needs, state systems, and national models.