Pyramid Network Hub

Since 2020, we have served as Colorado’s State Network Hub for Pyramid Model implementation. We work on the local, state, and national level to strengthen awareness and support for early childhood social and emotional well-being.


The Pyramid Model is a collaborative professional development system that fosters and sustains evidenced-based practices to support the social-emotional development and inclusion of children. 

The Pyramid Model builds upon a tiered public health approach to providing universal support to all children to promote wellness, targeted services to those who need more support, and intensive services to those who need them.

Pyramid Colorado

As the Colorado Pyramid Network Hub, we have foundations and an action plan to guide our work. The Foundations include our purpose statement, guiding principles, desired outcomes, and core functions. The Action Plan articulates our annual goals and priorities for each core function of our work. The core functions of the Pyramid Colorado Network Hub include: Engagement & Support, Learning & Implementation, and Leadership & Advocacy.

We support the social-emotional development and inclusion of all children ages birth through five by promoting and expanding evidence-based Pyramid practices in Colorado. View our full foundations and action plan by clicking on the button below.

Leadership Structure

Our leadership structure collaborates to provide insight, context, expertise, and guidance to Healthy Child Care Colorado on matters of programming, research, opportunities, funding, and systems alignment. We aim to ensure Pyramid-related efforts maintain relevance, meaning, and utility in local, state, and national contexts.


State Leadership Team Members

he State Leadership Team includes the following members: 

  • Chris Henager, Fremont County Head Start  
  • Heather Craiglow, Colorado Department of Early Childhood 
  • Debbie Kunz, Bal Swan  
  • Kathleen Merritt, Bright Futures 
  • Melissa Caron, Early Connections  
  • Marcia Blum, Colorado Department of Education 
  • Virginia Kile, Consultant  
  • Dr. Stacy Howard, Buell Foundation 

Healthy Child Care Colorado Staff: Robin Levy, Alison Hargarten, Kim Wolff

Professional Development Workgroup

Membership of the workgroup will be maintained to ensure relevance of statewide programming to implementers and integration of content into broader systems. The workgroup will include the following members. Additional participants may be called upon to join Team meetings throughout the process. 

  • Robin Levy, Healthy Child Care Colorado
  • Kim Wolff, Healthy Child Care Colorado
  • Nicole Donatto, The Edification Station
  • Daisy Thomson, Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families
  • Stephanie Bivins, Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families
  • Jennifer Coggin, Ability Connection Colorado
  • Alisha Emile, Primrose DTC
  • Donna Salvador, Trainer/Coach/Facilitator
  • Jennifer Young, Early Childhood Options
  • Kelly Esch, Early Childhood Network


The Colorado Pyramid Plus Center transitioned to Healthy Child Care Colorado in 2020. Through support from the Buell Foundation and a Transition Team of stakeholders, together we created a strong plan to ensure sustainable state level infrastructure and programming for this vital component of Colorado’s growing and evolving early childhood system.