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Incorporating the Pyramid Model consistently across our 2-year and 4-year higher education systems is a strategy to ensure the Pyramid Model training contributes to the needs of the early childhood workforce. 


We are excited to partner with the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Education & Human Development and the Department of Continuing and Professional Education to offer higher education credit for the successful completion of the 45-hour Pyramid Plus Approach or Pyramid Model “Training of Special Recognition”.  

What’s New In PDIS? The new PDIS introduces a simpler scoring system. Points for college coursework and training of special recognition will never expire. This includes the Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler Care (EQIT) and Pyramid Colorado Modules training.  

University of Colorado Coursework Description

Pyramid Facilitator/Trainer Meeting

Do your training participants want college credit for FREE? Then this is a meeting you will not want to miss!

Robin Levy, Pyramid Coordinator and Sara Van Dyke, Manager, UCD will inform you about the opportunity for all training participants who have successfully completed the 45-hour Pyramid Model or Pyramid Plus Approach training (must be delivered by a certified Facilitator/Trainer).

You will learn how to help them get on the pathway college credit. We will share an overview of the process, talking points, promotional materials, and more.

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Prospective Student Orientation Webinar

Are you interested in getting college credit for completing a 45-hour Pyramid Training for FREE? Then this is the webinar for you!

Robin Levy, Pyramid Coordinator, and Sara Van Dyke, Manager, UCD, will inform you about this opportunity and walk you through the steps to apply to become a student, register for the coursework, and review the additional assignment(s) required to receive higher education credit.



UCD Summer/Fall Course Overview

Steps to Apply & Enroll in Coursework

The University of Colorado Denver (UCD) has received funding from the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) to assist early childhood educators in pursuit of degree pathways. This funding provides early childhood educators with full tuition to complete and receive undergraduate credit through the UCD. Educators completing the Pyramid Plus training can enroll in the ECED 4202: Child Guidance course offered by the University of Colorado Denver.

Tuition will be paid by CDHE funding upon enrollment in the course! The University of Colorado Denver will manage all tuition payment processes on behalf of those enrolled. 

  • 2227 Registration Packet ECED 420: Instructions for how to set up a CPE undergraduate non-degree account (apply) and how to register for the course.  
  • CPE Admissions Application Walk-Through: Screenshot of the instructions for how to apply/create-an-account. This is the first process in the Registration Packet mentioned above. 
  • How to Register & Drop Courses: Screenshot instructions for how to register for a course. This is the second process in the Registration Packet mentioned above. This packet also includes instructions for how to drop a course, starting on page 13.  
  • Duo & Registration Instructions: Duo is the multi-factor authentication system the university uses for login to systems. Students, staff, faculty use this to verify authentication to login to UCDAccess, the student portal system where students register for courses.  
  • Pyramid Participant UCD Coursework Interest Form: This form lets UCD and HCCC know to contact you to provide more information or support in applying and registering for the class.

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