Our Trainings

We offer innovative and hands-on trainings to teach strategies that can be put into practice right away. All our trainings are approved by the Colorado Department of Human Services.

*Contact us! We can provide on-site and online training for your program. Check out our training menu below.

Building Brains: Influencing Healthy Development in Early Childhood

Did you know that 90% of brain development happens before the age of 5? This training looks at the factors that influence healthy and age-appropriate development and how experiences influence both learning and behavior. Learn about ways that adults and the environment can support optimal brain development. 

Participants receive a certificate for 2 hours of training and resources.

Caring Connections: Fostering Strong Relationships with Infants and Toddlers

Relationships are key to supporting social-emotional health! Join us to review evidence-based strategies designed to build meaningful connections with infants and toddlers. You will reflect upon these various strategies to determine how to improve or enhance your relationships with children and their families. 

Participants receive a certificate for 1.5 hours of approved training.

Cavity Free Kids

Cavity Free Kids is a supplemental curriculum designed for use in child care centers, family care settings, preschools, head start, and home visiting programs, as well as other environments, like library story times and play-and-learn groups. The content focuses on the 5 basics of oral health: 

It includes a rich collection of activities, circle time activities, stories, and songs that actively engage children in developmentally appropriate ways. You will receive activities, resources, and teaching materials that make it easy for you to implement. 

Participants receive a certificate for 2 hours of approved training, the curriculum book, and other teaching materials.

*This training is provided at no cost to you, email us for details. 

Connected Caregiving: Developing Quality Infant and Toddler Relationships

Explore how responsive caregiving leads to strong, connected relationships with infants and toddlersYou will learn how the foundational concepts of attachment theoryserve and return, and developmentally appropriate practice enhance adult-child relationships. You will then apply this knowledge to identify your own strategies to enhance interactions with the infants and toddlers you care for. 

Participants receive a certificate for 3 hours of approved training.

Creating Quality Outdoor Learning Environments

Creating an outdoor space that is high-quality, safe, and engaging can entice children to spend more time engaging in active play in the fresh air and getting healthy. Explore the benefits of having a safe high-quality outdoor space, understand the importance of safety inspections, and brainstorm ideas to improve and enrich your own outdoor spaces. 

Participants receive a certificate for 2 hours of training and resources. 

Programs can receive one of our playground assessments at a discount when scheduled with this training.


Go Green! Eco-Healthy Child Care®

The Eco-Healthy Child Care training, from the Children’s Environmental Health Network, aims to empower and educate child care professionals on how to implement free/low-cost, realistic, and effective best practices to promote a healthier environment.

Part One gives you a deeper understanding of the eco-healthy best practices for household chemicals, furniture, art supplies, and plastics used in your program. You will also receive a copy of the Green Cleaning Curriculum as a part of this training. Participants will receive a certificate for 2 hours of approved training.

Part Two will help you understand the eco-healthy best practices for pest control, air quality, lead, mercury, arsenic, radon, and recycling/garbage. Participants receive a certificate for 2 hours of approved training.

Upon completion of parts, one and two of the Eco-Healthy Child Care Training participants will have the tools needed to assist in applying for the Eco Healthy Child Care Endorsement from the Children’s Environmental Health Network.

Reduced rates are available for groups that schedule parts one and two.

I Am Moving, I Am Learning for Preschoolers

Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL) is the nationally recognized training designed to improve the quantity and quality of physical activity in early childhood settings along with addressing healthy nutrition and communicating with families. In this physically active training, you will learn and practice strategies to enhance structured physical activity through music and movement with young children. Upon completion you will have the tools to develop program-specific action plan and successfully implement more movement into daily routines. 

This training can be combined with I Am Moving, I Am Learning for Infants and Toddlers at a discounted rate. 

Participants will receive a certificate for 3 hours of approved training, an IMIL book, and teaching materials.

I Am Moving, I Am Learning for Infants & Toddlers

Movement and music experiences support brain development and form bonds between children and adults that are essential for physical, cognitive, and social development. I Am Moving, I Am Learning for Infants and Toddlers explores how the brain and body are enhanced by music, sensory, and exploration experiences. Strategies and resources that support learning through music and movement for three different ages and stages including: infants (pre-crawlers), babies (crawlers), and toddlers (walkers) will be explored. 

Participants receive a certificate for 1.5 hours of approved training.

Let’s Get Healthy! Guiding Young Children to Wellness

Learn how nutrition, physical activity, sleep, limiting screen time, and good oral health all work together to build a healthy child. Along with reviewing these good health practices, you will have the opportunity to create a basic health and wellness policy for your program. 

Participants receive a certificate for 2 hours of approved training.

Nurturing Social-Emotional Growth

Social and emotional well-being is the cornerstone of school readiness. We will explore ways to develop social-emotional skills including identifying feelings, communicating effectively, creating a supportive environment, and more. 

Participants receive a certificate for 2 hours of training and resources.

To request a training email us at info@healthychildcareco.org. Group rates available.