Lactation Friendly Child Care Recognition*

We offer statewide recognition for any child care setting that provides lactation friendly environments and practices. There are three pathways to receive recognition for supporting families and earn quality points towards your Colorado Shines quality rating.

*formerly known as Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Recognition

What is Lactation Friendly Child Care Recognition?

Child care programs have the unique opportunity to support families, children, and staff by achieving Colorado’s Lactation Friendly Child Care Recognition.

The Lactation Friendly Child Care Recognition guides child care programs through the process to assess and improve policies and practices that contribute to creating a breastfeeding friendly environment and culture.

The recognition includes a program self-assessment, goal setting, professional development, enhancements to the environment, and writing or revising program policies and procedures.

Three Pathways to Recognition

Complete the Colorado Lactation Friendly Child Care (LFCC) Application and submit the required evidence demonstrating how your program meets the requirements.

Work with an LFCC Advisor to meet your goals and enhance your program’s environment, practices, policies, and procedures. To connect with a Breastfeeding Advisor please email

Submit a copy of your county recognition certificate. You will automatically be awarded the Colorado LFCC Recognition. (Please note: this pathway is only available for local or county-level recognition/certifications that are aligned with our program.

Lactation Friendly Child Care Advisors

Lactation Friendly Child Care Advisors support programs through the process of obtaining Lactation Friendly Child Care Recognition. Advisors receive support, training, and a stipend for serving in this important role.

LFCC Advisors must meet the minimum qualification requirements before beginning work with a program. This includes being 18 years of age or older, experience or interest in maternal child health or early education, and completion of required training.

Thank you

Thank you to the Lactation Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Advisory Committee for your thought partnership!

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