Child Care Health Consultation

Since 2001, Healthy Child Care Colorado has served as the state network hub for Child Care Health Consultation in Colorado by offering ongoing support, training, and resources for those medical professionals working in early childhood programs.

What is Child Care Health Consultation?

All licensed child care centers and preschools in Colorado are required to have a minimum of one monthly visit with a child care health consultant (CCHC) — a medical professional who assists the program in meeting and exceeding basic health and safety standards. These professionals also serve licensed camps, school-age programs, and family child care by offering trainings. CCHCs play a unique and critical role in supporting the health, safety, and wellness of children in early childhood settings.

Health consultants offer the legally required transfer of authority, known as delegation, so trained early childhood staff may administer medications and implement special health care procedures for children in their program. They also help with creating program policies related to health and safety, illness and injury prevention and documentation, infectious disease management, health and safety trainings, consultation in the classroom, emergency preparedness, infant safe sleep, and sharing helpful community resources.

Child Care Health Consultant Qualifications

A CCHC must hold a current Colorado license as a registered nurse, pediatric nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioner, or physician with knowledge and experience in maternal and child health. CCHCs are required to:

  • Hold a CCHC Qualifications in the Professional Development Information System (PDIS)
  • Provide the early childhood program documentation of their current medical or nursing license, biography, and training certificates.