We offer various assessments to early childhood programs that can help you understand current best practices, areas where improvements could be made, and how to take steps toward making changes. Find assessment offerings below.

Certified Playground Safety Inspection (CPSI)

We offer Certified Playground Safety Inspections all over the state to assist programs to have the most current information about their outdoor play spaces.

  • Inspection is conducted by our nationally certified playground safety inspector.
  • We work with you to schedule a convenient time to visit.
  • We complete a comprehensive checklist and offer feedback on your space and equipment.
  • Provide a full report recommending changes that would lead to safety improvements.

*This inspection can be used to earn points in the Colorado Shines Quality Rating and Improvement System for indicator 5.4.

Email us for pricing and to schedule your next inspection.

Preschool Outdoor Environment Measurement Scale (POEMS)

The Preschool Outdoor Environment Measurement Scale is a valid and reliable tool for assessing the quality of outdoor environments.

Our team will complete the assessment and provide guidance to your program staff to help determine what improvements can be made.

*A Quality Improvement Plan will be developed with our team that can be used for Colorado Shines points.

Email us for pricing and to schedule your POEMS.



HCCC Breastfeeding Badge

Consultation: Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care

Child care programs play a critical role by supporting moms to achieve their breastfeeding goals. Sharing your knowledge and support of breastfeeding with families can help improve the health and well-being of the children in your care.

We offer a consultation session for child care centers and family child care programs to assess their current practices and identify areas of growth. We will work with you to complete a breastfeeding-friendly assessment, develop an action plan designed to improve your program’s breastfeeding-friendly practices, and share resources with you. Your program can submit this documentation as evidence for Colorado Shines indicator 4.6 for centers and 4.4 for family child care providers. 

Email us for pricing and to schedule your consultation.