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We offer innovative and hands-on training that can be put into practice right away. We are proud to offer trainings that are approved by the Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado department of human services.


Join our expert staff to learn about the importance of good early oral health habits and participate in hands-on activities that can easily be replicated in your program. Attendees will learn simple and fun ways to engage children and families in conversation, songs, books, and learning center activities that promote healthy habits. The Summit will be focused on learning how to plan and implement policies and practices related to the 5 Basics of Oral Health:

Early Childhood Professionals Receive:

  • Certificate for 5.5 hours of professional development
  • Tooth Healthy Toolbox: curriculum binder, toothbrushes, books, props, water bottles, family engagement tips, and an assortment of activity ideas and materials.
  • Lunch and snacks

** This training is offered at no cost to providers.

Summit Overview

Cavity Free Kids focuses on oral health education for young children and their families. Cavity Free Kids includes a rich collection of lessons, activities, stories, songs, and other resources that actively engage young children in fun-filled, play-based learning and help parents practice good oral health habits at home.

Healthy Smiles Champion builds upon the Cavity Free Kids training and aims to improve the oral health of young children by supporting early childhood programs with implementation of tooth healthy policies and practices. You will receive the support and materials needed to begin implementing tooth brushing and creating policies that support tooth healthy practices in your program. We will explore many different ways that you can be a champion for oral health in your program!

Create ‘n Relate is a guided Do It Yourself (DIY) session to create teaching materials and activities that you can add to your Tooth Healthy Toolbox. There will be supplies, examples, and a DIY facilitator to lead the creation of your teaching materials and explore how they relate to the 5 basics of oral health from the Cavity Free Kids curriculum.

Tooth Healthy Policies & Practices is a session where you will create a plan for implementing new tooth healthy practices in your program. You will also understand what policy changes can be made within your program and how to champion those changes to become a reality. We will walk through sample policies and a planning tool that allows you to create your own tooth healthy policies for your family and/or staff handbooks.


Saturday, August 24, 2019
9:00 am to 3:30 pm
RMSER – Boyd Head Start

Idaho Springs

Saturday, September 14, 2019
9 am to 3:30 pm
Clear Creek Recreation Center

Cooking Matters for Child Care Professionals

This training teaches early childhood professionals about healthy meal preparation and how to create a positive food environment. We will practice skills to promote positive mealtime attitudes and behaviors, organize cooking activities, and how to efficiently prepare healthy food options. Participants will receive a certificate for 8 hours of approved training, kitchen tools, 34 recipes, and an activity bank.

Cost:  Offered at no cost to you.

Cavity Free Kids

Cavity Free Kids is a curriculum designed for use in child care centers, family child care settings, preschools, head start and home visiting programs, as well as other early learning environments, like library story times and play-and-learn groups. Cavity Free Kids lessons and activities can be adapted to the ages and developmental stages of the children in your care. This training includes a rich collection of activities, circle time activities, stories, and songs that actively engage children. The curriculum includes activities, resources, and materials that make it easy for you to teach children and their families about the five basics of oral health.

  1. Baby Teeth Are Important!
  2. Water for Thirst
  3. Tooth Healthy Foods
  4. Brush, Floss, Swish
  5. Going to the Dentist

Participants will receive a certificate for 2 hours of approved training, the curriculum book, and other oral health teaching materials.

* Offered at no cost to programs

I am Moving, I am Learning for preschoolers

I am Moving, I am Learning (IMIL) is nationally recognized and improves the quantity and quality of physical activity in early childhood settings. Participants learn and practice strategies to enhance structured physical activity through music and movement for young children. Participants develop program-specific action plans to successfully implement I am Moving, I am Learning into daily routines.

Participants will receive a certificate for 3 hours of approved training, IMIL book, and teaching materials.

Cost: Group rates available

I am Moving, I am Learning for Infants & Toddlers

Enriching early childhood experiences support brain development and form bonds between children and adults that are essential for healthy physical, cognitive, and social development. We will explore how relationships between adults and children, and between brain and body, are enhanced by music and sensory, control and exploratory experiences. This training provides strategies and resources that support learning through music and movement for three different ages and stages including: infants (pre-crawlers), babies (crawlers) and toddlers (walkers). 

Participants receive a certificate for 1.5 hours of approved training.

Cost: Group rates available


This training helps early childhood professionals understand what responsive caregiving looks like in practice. We will explore areas of infant/toddler child development and developmentally appropriate practices including attachment theory, serve and return interactions, strategies to enhance adult-child relationships, and more. This exploration provides the opportunity to identify your own strategies to improve interactions with infants and toddlers in your care.

Participants receive a certificate for 3 hours of approved training.

Cost: Group rates available 

Supporting Child Development

This training provides an overview of how children’s brains develop and what factors can influence healthy and age-appropriate development. We will explore how early experiences can influence learning, behavior, and development. 

Participants receive a certificate for 1.5 hours of training and resources.

Cost: Group rates available

Child Care Health Consultation 101

This training offers child care health consultation (CCHC) information and resources to those nurses and physicians serving in this role in Colorado early childhood programs. It further defines the role and competencies for this unique health role that will foster an understanding of health, safety, and wellness practices in child care settings. We will cover the regulations and qualifications for a health consultant, review the Colorado Child Care Health Consultation Competencies, and discuss relevant content for the contract between the child care program and health consultant. 

Participants receive a certificate for 4.5 hours of approved training and additional resources.

Cost: $25

This course is the state approved health consultant training for Colorado.

The online CCHC training is recommended as a prerequisite. www.co.train.org 

Child Care Health Consultation 201

This training helps experienced child care health consultants build their competencies through self-assessment, group discussion, and reflection. Participants will practice using a new Health, Safety, and Wellness Assessment designed to be used with programs.

Participants receive a certificate for 4.5 hours of approved training and additional resources.

Date: July 11, 2019
Time: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
Location: Daniels Fund / 101 Monroe St., Denver
Cost: $25 (meal included)

child care health consultation – 2019 seminars

The CCHC Leadership Committee hosts quarterly seminars and invites expert speakers so that health consultants can learn about the latest developments in early childhood health that are relevant to their role. You also have the opportunity to meet and network with other health consultants and school nurses from across the state.

Participants receive a certificate for attending the seminar.

Quality Outdoor Learning Environments

This 2.5-hour training is a live webinar. The Quality Outdoor Learning Environment training is designed to educate participants about the benefits of high-quality outdoor spaces and the correlation they have to physical activity, mental and physical health and safety.

Caring Connections

This 1-hour interactive webinar examines the critical importance of establishing and fostering connections with infants and toddlers in the classroom or family child care home. Participants will explore strategies which promote positive connections. Each participant will complete a plan to improve connections in their classroom and will reflect on the impact this will have on children.