Pyramid Model Champion


Nominate the 3rd Annual Colorado Pyramid Model Champion

Healthy Child Care Colorado and the Pyramid State Leadership Team are thrilled to announce the Colorado Pyramid Model Champion Award nomination process is open from July 3 through August 18, 2024.  

The Pyramid Model has been utilized throughout Colorado for over two decades and there are many champions at the program, local, and state levels engaging in critical work to strengthen early childhood social and emotional learning.  

Through this award, we will recognize one individual or organization who demonstrates strong knowledge of and commitment to implementation and expansion of the Pyramid Model in Colorado.


July 3, 2024: Nomination Period Opens
August 18, 2024: Nomination Period Closes
August 20, 2024: Nomination Review Process
August 31, 2024: Award Notification
October 15, 2024: Award presented at the Pyramid Summit Reception

Past Award Recipients

Early Connections Learning Center, 2023

In 2012, Early Connections Learning Center (ECLC) embraced the Pyramid Model, enlisting a consultant to train teachers. Impressed by its impact, they secured funding for a full-time trainer/coach. In 2017, ECLC reinforced Pyramid’s influence with two additional Behavioral Health Specialists. Four staff members have earned Pyramid Facilitator certification through Healthy Child Care Colorado. The Behavioral Health Team at Early Connections collaborates closely with teachers and families. They have introduced the Pyramid Model to parents via Positive Solutions for Families. Overall, they have witnessed improved teachers’ confidence and child social and emotional skills while preventing challenging behaviors. Early Connections promotes a Pyramid commitment and culture, including leadership, teachers, and families uniting to enhance outcomes for all.

Patricia Matus-Amat, 2022

Pyramid Facilitator
Early Childhood Faculty, Denver Community College

Patricia is a tremendous champion of early childhood and Pyramid, understanding and prioritizing the need for accessibility to Pyramid content and resources for all. She currently offers training to Spanish first language speakers and she provides training to refugee and immigrant populations, utilizing interpretation services to reach beyond English and Spanish. There is strong evidence of her passion and commitment to the early childhood field and Pyramid Model implementation, as well as systems change related to language justice and equity in Colorado.