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Essential Responsibilities:
● Supports the preparation of an authentic Montessori learning environment that honors
individual student learning needs
● Observes children and shares questions and observations with Teacher Leaders
● Coordinates responsibilities with Teacher Leader and is nimble to respond to changing
classroom and student needs
● Aligns practices with charter policies and plans and school site-based practices that center
the child and their sense of belonging
● Supports with all aspects of the daily routine, including lunch, dishes, nap time, recess,
bathroom duties, and classroom laundry
● Prepares and repairs curricular materials
● Maintain an inventory of classroom materials
● Initiates growth and learning in intellectual and professional development; participates in
opportunities for professional growth and learning
● Co-leads with cultural humility and actively works to disrupt oppressive systems and
● Develops authentic, enduring relationships with community members to inform ongoing site
design and evolution
● Supports all learners, especially students with special needs by employing inclusive
teaching practices, including healing-centered instruction, that meet the needs of every

Minimum Qualifications:
● Previous Montessori experience preferred but interest and curiosity in Montessori
philosophy required
● Previous experience working with children strongly preferred (in a childcare setting or an
in-home/nanny setting)
● Colorado ECE licensing required in Primary sites
● Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required
● Multilingual speakers encouraged to apply
Preferred Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills
● A deep commitment to authentic Montessori – Your expertise will position you to be a highly
effective facilitator of children’s learning and to extend the values of Montessori to include
the adults within your school community.
● Entrepreneurial leadership – You are flexible, open-minded, see opportunity in obstacles,
and are energized by using creativity and resourcefulness to anticipate challenges and
create solutions to problems.
● Commitment to serving diverse and multifaceted communities – You are eager to increase
access to Montessori to racially and socioeconomically diverse communities and are deeply
committed to supporting the development of intersectional communities. You understand
the role race, along with ethnicity, gender/gender identity and sexual orientation, play in
contributing to persistent inequity. You have engaged in culturally responsive and anti-racist
practices with the students and families you serve.
● Generosity of spirit – You build authentic relationships in diverse settings, practice gratitude,
and lead with love. You seek advice openly and are comfortable working in a
non-hierarchical organization.
● Willingness to work hard – You have the aptitude, stamina, time, and appetite to raise
yourself to the challenge of starting and leading your own school. You will not be alone, but
you will be busy.
● A desire to learn and grow – You are eager to stretch beyond your current experience, to
develop new skills and expertise and to more deeply explore your purpose and potential.

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