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Job Title: Preschool Director/Teacher

Date position will become available: July 1, 2023

Salary range: $50,000-55,000

Minimum qualifications:
● Person of strong faith, actively engaged in faith community
● Must meet Colorado State requirements for licensing and certification for Preschool Director/Teacher
● Prefer degree in Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education, Special Education, Family and Child
Development, or Child Psychology
● Must meet Colorado Department of Human Services Early Childhood Director/Teacher qualifications for a
large center/preschool
● Technology proficient, especially with Microsoft Office Suite and educational software programs
Performance Responsibilities:
● Share in the religious mission of the school
● Teach in a manner consistent with the academic, social, moral and religious teachings of the Catholic
● Build a school culture that is child-centered and child-focused
● Possess the ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all children
● Create a positive classroom and school environment
● Mentor and guide school staff, especially new teachers; build a positive team culture
● Employ effective conflict resolution skills with children as well as adults
● Evaluate and select developmentally appropriate curriculum
● Possess excellent organizational, communication, leadership, and academic skills
● Demonstrate excellent parent communication skills
● Be energetic, creative, innovative, flexible
● Attract volunteers and mobilize parent support to benefit the school, including fundraising activities
● Demonstrate/use a variety of appropriate teaching strategies, instructional materials/activities, and teaching
modes to accommodate a variety of learning styles and diocesan curriculum requirements
● Work collaboratively with church staff to schedule events, reserve facility space, and integrate preschool
families into community life
● Demonstrate excellent budgeting and financial management skills
● Accurately track enrollment and actively work to recruit new families and students
● Ensure the school is following all established safety and security protocols
● Work well within the Unified Catholic School system
Summary of Additional Expectations:
● Assume daily operations of Preschool Program including: building Catholic culture, hiring and
evaluating staff, implementing curriculum, preparing and monitoring budget, enrollment,
developing activities that result in the growth of the school
● Physical strength and endurance to provide bodily care to preschoolers, including lifting
● A warm and friendly personality

Experience: Prior experience working in an early childhood setting is a plus

For more information on the position, please contact:
Person: Linda Van Matre
School: Pax Christi Catholic Preschool (formerly St. Katharine Drexel)
Address: 10675 Jaguar Drive
Lone Tree, CO 80124
Phone: 720-419-0131

Application can be found here.

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