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Joint Initiatives for Youth and Families

Embedded Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) is necessary to give children equitable access to social-emotional services in a trauma-sensitive culture that allows them to be healthy and well in the early years and beyond. This will be accomplished by providing Early Childhood Mental Health services at the child, classroom, and program levels and in partnership with parents, teachers, and center director(s). Ultimately, this coordinated work will seek to achieve three-overarching goals: 1) Reduce rates of suspension and expulsion in early care and education settings and work to eliminate these practices entirely in El Paso County; 2) Enhance the local system of support for the early childhood educator workforce as outlined in HB-20-1053; and 3) Directly link young children and families to individualized financial resources/services with the intent to stabilize home environments and support the overall mental health of our most vulnerable populations.

This is a hybrid position where you will work from home and work within 3 early childhood centers.

There are two positions open!

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