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Early Childhood Education Management Systems, INC>

7.702.45.A.1.c An Associate’s degree (60 semester credit hours) from an accredited college or university in Early Childhood Education or Child Development, which must include at least two (2), three (3)-semester credit hour courses in Early Childhood Education; one (1) of the courses must be either Intro to ECE, Guidance Strategies or the Department approved Pyramid Plus Training

7.702.45.A.1.e A current Early Childhood Professional Credential Level II (2) or higher in Version 3.0 as determined by the Department Current copy of Credential Level ll (2) (Version 3.0) Level lll (3) Version 2.0 will be accepted until Credential expiration date No additional experience required Experience is reviewed by the PDIS Team and points are awarded based on the Credential application evaluation

7.702.45.A.1.f A current Child Development Associate (CDA) awarded by the CDA Council in one of the following: Center Based, Preschool; Center-Based, Infant-Toddler; or Family Child Care; or other Department-approved credential

Each need Infant/Toddler ECE 111 or EQIT (Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Care Class (training) a must

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