State Leadership Team Named for ECMHC Network Hub

Nov 17, 2022 | What's New?

Healthy Child Care Colorado (HCCC) is launching the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC) State Leadership Team (SLT), a collaborative team that includes both implementation and practice as well as policy and systems perspectives from across the state. The State Leadership Team guides and informs the development and execution of the ECMHC Network Hub’s Foundations and Implementation Plan. 

The ECMHC SLT will receive orientation this week and then will continue to meet on a regular cadence moving forward. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the leadership team, it is vital that we remain responsive to the needs of the ECMHC workforce, and your engagement is of the utmost importance. We are thrilled to announce our confirmed State Leadership Team members are: 

  • Erica Cervantez, Early Childhood Council San Luis Valley 
  • Heather Craiglow, Colorado Department of Early Childhood 
  • Margaret Davis, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant 
  • Janina E. Fariñas, La Cocina 
  • Jason Gold, Healthy Child Care Colorado 
  • Sierra Hansen, Healthy Child Care Colorado 
  • Ty Johnson, Early Learning Ventures 
  • Kristin Klopfenstein, Colorado Evaluation & Action Labs (CEAL) 
  • Debbie Kunz, Bal Swan Children’s Center 
  • Lorendia Schmidt, Assuring Better Child Health & Development (ABCD) 
  • Jennifer Sommer-Sheppard, Aurora Mental Health Center 
  • Ayelet Talmi, University of Colorado School of Medicine 
  • Felicia Zeeh, Colorado Department of Early Childhood 

 If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Jason Gold.