Announcing the Pyramid State Leadership Team!

Jan 20, 2022 | What's New?

Please join Healthy Child Care Colorado in welcoming the members of the new Pyramid State Leadership Team!  

We are thrilled to have had thirty-five nominations to the leadership team from across the state, as well as from different early childhood roles and affiliations. We worked diligently to consider all nominees with the intention of ensuring balanced membership from the policy and systems as well as the practice and implementation perspectives. Additionally, we have supports from national experts at the Pyramid Model Consortium. 

The State Leadership Team will collaborate to provide insight, context, expertise, and guidance to Healthy Child Care Colorado on matters of programming, research, opportunities, funding, and systems alignment. The team will ensure that Pyramid-related efforts maintain relevance, meaning, and utility in local, state, and national contexts. They will also support our annual priority areas, acting to ensure success. 

The State Leadership Team includes the following members: 

  • Chris Henager, Fremont County Head Start  
  • Heather Craiglow, Office of Early Childhood 
  • Diana Herrera, Bal Swan  
  • Kathleen Merritt, Bright Futures 
  • Melissa Caron, Early Connections  
  • Marcia Blum, Department of Education 
  • Virginia Kile, Consultant  
  • Dr. Rebecca Vlasin, University of Colorado Denver 
  • Dr. Stacy Howard, Buell Foundation 
  • Heather Blanco, Early Childhood Council of Larimer County 
  • Lisa Matter, Office of Early Childhood 

Healthy Child Care Colorado Staff:  Taran Schneider, Robin Levy, Becky Edwards 
Pyramid State Leadership Team Advisors: Rob Corso, Dr. Phil Strain, Kelly Jo Wilson  

Learn more about our work by checking out the Pyramid Foundations & Action Plan