A New Day for Early Intervention in Colorado

Jun 1, 2022 | What's New?

As of May 1st, all referrals and evaluations for children under the age of 3 with developmental concerns or disabilities will be coordinated through Early Intervention Colorado. This means Administrative Unit Child Find teams (Colorado Department of Education/local school districts) will no longer accept referrals for children under age 3.  

This change to Early Intervention referrals and evaluations is being made to:

  • Ensure families and children across Colorado have equitable access to developmental support
  • Streamline the program to be easier for families and providers to navigate

Making a referral is easier than ever before. 

For more information about this change in the referral and evaluation process for children under 3, please look at the frequently asked questions.  

This is more important now than ever for two reasons. First, the CDC has shifted the way that we record developmental milestones in an effort to support earlier identification of delays. Second, emerging evidence from the pandemic indicates that babies have not been having their needs met and there are potentially global delays 

“Babies can’t wait, so please make sure you have the right contact information for your community when you encourage a family or a child care provider to seek a referral for Early Intervention. Please share this important update to everyone you know who might be in the network of relationships around even one baby!” – Lisa Matter, Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Care Initiative Manager at the Office of Early Childhood 

You are trusted messengers for families and caregivers of infants and toddlers and how you make recommendations for those families and caregivers has changed. Please help spread the word about these changes and continue to strive for more equitable access to child development supports and early intervention services.