2021 Building Healthy Futures Awards

Nov 19, 2021 | Innovation, What's New?

Healthy Child Care Colorado’s annual Building Healthy Futures Awards are an opportunity for us to recognize truly outstanding partners. These incredible individuals have demonstrated a strong commitment to building safe, supportive, and healthy early childhood settings and systems in Colorado. Please join us in congratulating them on their well deserved recognition!



Heather Craiglow
Partnership & Passion 

Heather’s tremendous passion for early childhood, combined with her collaborative approach to leadership, makes her an incredible partner. She is an engaged member of the Pyramid State Transition Team as well as the new Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant Network Hub Advisory Team. She is knowledgeable about systems building and is a steadfast champion for ensuring that physical, mental, and oral health are a priority for early childhood systems in Colorado.



Scott Groginsky
Leadership & Dedication

Scott has provided tremendous leadership and vision toward creating  a more equitable early childhood system in Colorado. He is a dedicated thought partner for HCCC and other stakeholders to ensure that early childhood systems continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of children, families, and early childhood workforce. Scott has helped drive significant movement on full-day kindergarten, universal preschool, pandemic response, and the development of a Colorado Department of Early Childhood.



Tami Havener
Steadfast Board Leadership

As the first Board President of Healthy Child Care Colorado, Tami’s steadfast leadership during our first three years has been incredible. She has played a key role in setting the direction for our organization through the creation of our strategic roadmap and vision for growing our important work. We are grateful for her time, energy, expertise, and unwavering support in leading the Board of Directors through this time of great change.  



Stacy Howard, PhD
Driving Vision & Innovation

Stachasdemonstrated commitment to ensuring that early childhood mental health is an integral part in expanding efforts to support children, families, and the early childhood workforce in our state. She has been engaged with HCCC as a member of the Pyramid State Transition Team and is a process advisor for our newly formed Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Network Hub Advisory Team.



Kara Kaiser
Pandemic Response Champion

Kara Kaiser, Environmental Health Specialist at Boulder County Public Health, has made a profound difference for early childhood professionals, programs, children, and families throughout the pandemic. As providers face uncertainty and numerous difficult decisions brought on by the pandemic, she goes above and beyond to respond to their needs. She is an engaged and trusted resource, supporting programs with state and local guidance, technical assistance, and resources related to pandemic response.



Carin Rosa
Patience & Passion

Carin is incredibly patient and dedicated to ensuring that child care licensing rules and regulations are drafted with input from stakeholders with various perspectives. She always keeps children’s health and well-being at the forefront of this critical work. We are grateful for her responsiveness and attention to detail with regard to the pandemic response, building an infrastructure for child care health consultation, and rule making efforts.