Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to work collaboratively to improve the quality of health, safety, and wellness in early childhood programs across Colorado by improving the everyday practice of professionals, and by building safe, supportive environments.

People & Places

 We promote and support best practices by providing grants, professional development experiences, technical assistance, and advocacy.

We collaborate with state and local entities to meet needs across the state. We advocate for best practices in early childhood and health and well-being by influencing and sharing policies and practices. We are supported through local, state, and national partnerships to promote and support 4 priority areas 

building healthy futures

Child Care          Health Consultation

  • Health Hub Resource Center
  • Professional Development
  • Competencies
  • Technical Assistance
  • CCHC Leadership Committee
  • Community Training Calendar
  • Discussion Forum
  • Newsletter


Early Childhood Programs

  • Grants
  • Professional Development
  • Technical Assistance
  • ECE Job Board
  • Community Training Calendar
  • Newsletter 
  • ToothHealthy Text

policy & advocacy

  • Participate in coalitions and educate policymakers
  • Share expertise and catalyze big “P” and little “p” policy changes
  • Empower champions to make policy and practice changes


Healthy Child Care Colorado arose out of the Healthy Child Care America initiative that began in the 1990s with support from the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration; the Child Care Bureau, Administration for Children and Families; the American Academy of Pediatrics; and the American Public Health Association. These partners recognized the potential to positively impact the health and safety of children in early childhood settings throughout the country.

Colorado stakeholders recognized the importance of collaboration, so the Colorado Children’s Hospital, the Colorado Department of Human Services, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and Qualistar worked together to build Healthy Child Care Colorado. The founding organizations serve on the Healthy Child Care Colorado Steering Committee along with new partners.

Why Early childhood Matters

$1 now saves

$9 later

Every dollar invested in quality early childhood education saves $9 in future costs for reading intervention, juvenile justice, and social services.

Limited access to high quality early childhood means low income and at-risk children are behind

12-14 months

At-risk and vulnerable children in quality early childhood education programs are

2 times

more likely to attend college